Will travel

Will travel.

From an early age, Jenny showed a flair for method acting.   As a four-year-old, her re-enactment of Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid extended her bath time and escalated the family’s hot water bills.

“Jenny, can you stand up so Mommy can wash the shampoo out of your hair?”
“Mommy, I can’t stand up. I only have fins.”

Jenny’s talents were soon recognized beyond the bathtub.  During the annual elementary school musical, her favorite teacher cast Jenny as the star.

Literally, a star. Her best friend played the moon.

Theater took a backseat for awhile but, at 13, Jenny attended her first dance class and loved it.  Through high school, she sang and danced and acted in the musicals and then headed off to Muhlenberg College intending to study psychology and political science.

A semester abroad in London – coupled with her mother’s now infamous advice (“You have the rest of your life to be practical. Live a little.”) – shifted her career goals, and she returned to Muhlenberg armed with a new sense of purpose to pursue acting.  She enrolled in every acting class she could, honed her talent as a dancer and singer, and graduated ready to conquer New York.

Jenny’s career thus far has landed her at regional theatres across the country, including the Walnut Street Theatre, the Fulton Theatre, and the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, and notably in the second national tour of Lincoln Center’s South Pacific.  Next up: High Society at the Walnut Street Theatre!